Hey! I'm SATYA purna. 

I'm a business strategist and mindset coach to 6-figure freelancers & solopreneurs - and the founder of ZAG Studios.

I know this page is supposed to be about me - but really, this is about you.


If you're reading this right now, you're most likely a service-based business owner. Whether you call yourself a freelancer, solopreneur, coach, creative, author or expert - it's all good.

And you want it all: better clients, higher rates, the systems that create ease + scale, the time to enjoy the good life and the freedom to only do what you love.  

You don't just want any average client - you want your soulmate, bff, dream-team clients. 

You are done charging "average" or "above average" rates - you want to 5X or 10X it. So, you can work fewer hours and be seen as the expert you are. 

You're sick and tired of sending proposals that get ignored - you want people to say "heck yeah", right on the call!

You want systems that help clients find YOU - and beg YOU to work with them. 

You want freedom. The freedom to go where you want, buy what you want, work when you want, choose your own adventure and still have a thriving business. 

And you want to make the world a better place while you're at it. My mission in life is to help you do that.

Most of my clients are remarkably good at their craft. They're brilliant copywriters, coaches, designers, accountants, branding experts and healers.

They want to get their work out into the world - because they know it matters and they know there are people waiting to be served.

The problem? They don't know how to think like the CEO.

They don't know how to market themselves.

They don't know how to run their "passion project" like a business. 

And that's the exact leap they need to take to go from 5-figures to 6-figures and then to 7-figures. 

You can be the best goddamn service provider in the world - but if nobody knows who you are or why you're the (hu)man for the job - you're toast. 

For me, that's the greatest tragedy. It's a failure of the last mile.

Look, you've already invested 10,000+ hours of your youth, hundreds of thousands of dollars and an incalculable amount of energy to being amazing at what you do.

You have talents to share with the world. You have people who're hoping and praying that they would find someone just like you. And they'd happily pay you the rates you want - just for showing up and sharing your genius. 

But if you aren't running this little gig of yours like a proper business - with the systems, the marketing, the brand and the sales processes - you've failed at a creative and an entrepreneur at the last mile. 

Thousands of people will never know you exist. And you'll spend the next God-knows-how-many-years wondering why you never made the impact you were meant to make. (And let's be real: wondering why you never got the money + freedom that inspired you start your business in the first place.) 


  • When you master the mindset of a CEO....
  • Position yourself in the right way...
  • Put together systems that create scale...
  • Price your packages in a way that guarantee profits from day 1...
  • Create leverage in your business by delegating and creating processes...
  • And start targeting your messaging to the right people...

That's when you create a business that can thrive - today, and for years to come. 

Which is why - every time a client hits their first $10k month, doubles their rates (and wins the client) or books a high-4-figure monthly retainer - my team rejoices knowing that their life and business will never be the same again.

You have a divine role on this planet - it's the reason you have passion for your work that you do. I hope you'll do everything it takes to serve in the grandest way possible. 

To your wildly fulfilling success + wealthy future -