Do I really need a brand for my service-based business right now?


Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely Wednesday morning or evening, wherever you are in the world and if you have ever wondered if it is too early to build the brand or if it is the right time to build a brand for your business and you've been putting it off or you've been considering starting it, you're not sure if that's the right time to do it. What's this video? Because I'm going to be jumping into have my views on the best time to brand your business. Hi, my name is, the fonder of Sag studios and I helped service space businesses creating brands that stand out and with all their best clients and fertility and today we are going to jump into this lovely question that I get a lot from many of my potential clients and the people who choose to work with the people in my community, which is, is this the right?

Should I do it right now? Should I do it some other day when all my ducks are in a row and I have a bunch of thoughts on this, so I'm just going to take it on one by one. By the way, if you're wondering why my background is different, I'm sitting on the floor on my yoga mat because I just finished stretching. Um, I just decided to hop on here and do this right now. So that's what you were seeing or reflective window behind me. Um, anyway, so my first thought about that is that whether you actually consciously built a brand or not, you already have a brand. Okay. It's, it's Kinda like getting dressed. It's kind of like getting dressed. If you, uh, if you are at home in pajamas, like you're already dressed, like, are you nice to meet the Queen? Maybe not.

I you dressed to go out for drinks. Maybe not either, but you still, you still have your face on you and your feelings on you are still sensitive enough and how the brand is something like that. So if you have been in business, even for just one month, you already have a brand now, whether it's a consciously built and whether it's a brand that bringing you the results you want or not is a different question, but you already, you already have a brand. So now then the question becomes, is it working for you? Right? If it's working for you, you will see that a lot of people are reaching out to you, to your website. There are a lot of people who look at your work and they know exactly what you do and there are a lot of people who wanted to work with you and what we cannot work with you.

Hi, Siva and high. All the other folks who are watching. I can't see your name for some reason, but thank you for joining me. So you already have a brand. Whether you are choosing to consciously build it to where your profits are not is absolutely a choice when you already have a brand. So if that is the case that your brand is not working for you, how do you know whether it's the right time to start working on your brand? Are No artists do not work on your brand. So what my take on that is if you have just started, like if you have literally been in business for maybe say three weeks and you've not had a single client and you've never, you know, you've never actually sold one to get back and just you don't know what you're doing. You're getting started from scratch.

Hi. Now, um, maybe father, I have to build your brand. And the reason why I say that is your not yet clear on what big offers that you want to make clear on what kind of clients want to work with your keeping on what your brand stands for and how your brand shows up in the world. Which is kind of the point of everything, right? They get brand is not your logos, your colors. You find your brand is how you are showing up and gloves. So that includes your packages, your pricing, your main message, like what do you see it a client like one, what are your clients buying from you? What's the process? It's employee thing that encompasses what you represent in the world and how you should walk in the woods. That is your brand. It's not just want the colors on your website or the font on your website, right?

So if you're just getting started and you're swollen, you that you never even had a paying client. Yes, building a black brand is. It's too early for you. Like don't think about that. Go out there and make some money. First, validate your ideas and once you're clear that this is the product that you want to offer, this is the to offer and that's the thing you want to scale it. Longterm. There is done building a brand. And the reason why it's important to build that brand as early as possible is because to succeed in business and in a lot of areas of life, including health, you've kind of have to invest in the shotgun and the long term at the same time. Right? But you can just say, oh, I'm just going to focus all my effort in the short term and what, uh, what was I getting my clients through?

Referrals are getting my clients to, you know, one on one of facebook messaging are showing up in groups it, you can do that. But the fact is it's a very short term growth strategy. So what am I ended up happening is that you might get a few plants in the short term, but if a few of your clients drop off or live their requirements change or if you, if you just gone find clients in one of the months, you shouldn't be going into that feast and famine cycle, right? So when you are investing in your business in both the short term and longterm, you prevent that feast or famine cycle because you, if you are one of your strategies just not work. There's another strategy which is all of these working on. There's another way in which you are able to get your clients right.

So it is important that you are focusing on both your short term strategy and your longterm strategy. And the same time, and when you do that, you actually notice that you get to solve a whole lot faster. You get all the results if you want a whole lot faster. So if you are waiting for that day when all your ducks are in a role, you actually don't need to wait, right? Like when you are working on your short term and longterm at the same time, that may just comes faster. Your business can grow faster, you can really get to that next level, the whole lot faster, be able to charge more and all of those good things. So to summarize all of that, if you're just starting off and you don't know what you're offering and why you're offering it, don't build a brand right now because you probably need to be very clear about what you're offering and what your main zone of genius as well.

What do you want to put out into the woods if you are already there, you're work with your clients. You want to scale your business to the next level that has never do already your brand because your brand already exist, right? We just help you see what's already there and take that to the next level and then you take that to the next level. He will start getting all the clients that you've ever wanted and you'd be able to close them at the price that you want and when you talk about your work, your clients will just get it and that's just what all of us want. Right? So that's my really quick take on when is the right time to build your brand. That is. Have any questions about that or if you are considered a brand, feel free to leave the MPM and I'd love to answer any questions. Thank you so much for joining and I hope you are having an elevated cea.


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