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Hey guys, I hope you're having an amazing Monday wherever you are and if you have ever wondered what the difference is between branding for a product based business where she's Brownie for associates business or if you are currently planning to build a brand for. So it was very soon, please watch this video because this hasn't really important distinction that you would need to know before you go out there and hire a company to do the branding for you or you just read diy it yourself. Um, hi, my name is Satya. I'm the founder of sac studios and high health service businesses. Build a bad ass brand that stands out and the website that brings in all the customers that they want. Only the best ones obviously really quickly and really easily. Hi, lovely to see you and I. So today we're going to be talking about the difference between running for product based businesses versus branding for.

So it was based businesses. So when, by the way, just before I get started, I wanted to give a disclaimer niches if I. What I'm talking about when I say branding is not your logos, colors and fonts. What I, what I'm talking about when I say branding is how does your business show up in the word? What is that unique factor on your business and how does it show up in the world and what do people know it for? How do people differentiate your business from every other business that's out there, which is very similar to you. Uh, so that's what I'm talking about when I'm saying branding the obviously the logos and colors and fonts and stuff are important to various degrees, but Dan does not want defines your brand. So anyway, so jumping into the difference between branding for a product based business versus running for a service based business.

Obviously when you are branding for a product based business, your clients have an experience of your product associated with what you stand for. Right? So for example, say I have a phone, right? If have. Hi Hildy hightower, and had it. Good to have you. So good to have you. Um, so um, I have a, if I have a phone, I have a specific experience associated with using this phone, right? I know of the packaging that it came in. I know what the logo looks like, I know what the phone looks like when, uh, when I use it. There are multiple things about the phone which stand out to me as part of the experience. Right? So say for example, I buy a bottle of shampoo, I can look at the logo, I can touch and see his bottle, I know what the shampoo smells like, I know what the bottle looks like on my counter, I know what the bottle is made off.

There are all these different elements of that brand which stands out in my memory because I'm using it on a day to day basis. So the difference is that in that situation, the logos and colors and fonts and what your business or what your product stands for is very visceral and it's important that the visceral parts of your brand take sense. The visual parts of your brands make a lot more sense. However, when you are running a service based business, your clients don't have anything tangible that they can relate to, right? So there's no product that's going to be on their tabletop or in their bathroom forever. There's no visual tangible thing that's associated with your brand and that's a problem. That's a problem because you are basically competing with a lot of other people who are offering pretty similar things for what you are offering, but your client, when they are looking at you, they have nothing to differentiate.

You buy apart from what's written on your website and what you are colors look like. However, that is not the most important thing. Right? Like if say for example, if I'm a customer looking for them design services and I look at 10 different websites. Yeah, the visual element of it matters because obviously our website is a very visual thing and for my business that's going to matter. But say for example, I'm hiring an accountant. Okay. There's no visual element that the accountant might have which would make me want to choose him over someone else. So how do you. So let me just, you know, the taste and Daniel, how do we differentiate you as a service based brand? It comes down to your process. Your process is the most visceral thing that your clients can use to differentiate you from everybody else out there, right?

If you don't have a differentiated process, if you are just the same as everybody else, if you remember design company and you come to me and say, Hey, I'm about to design company. I can do all of these things for you and it'll take four to six weeks for you, for you to get your website, depending on how quick you are to give feedback. And everybody else in your industry is saying the same thing, uh, me as a client is not going to be huge just because the colors on your website are pretty or just because the words on your website make slightly more sense than everybody else. Right? That decision is equally confusing. Your visual brand looks like. So for service based businesses, it becomes even more crucial that you first look at your process and how you can differentiate around your process and your packaging.

And your pricing and then use that to create a differentiated brand that can sell for a higher rate. I Annika handling, um, so that's the big difference between branding for a product based business versus branding for a service based business. You really got to look at a very tangible way to make your brand stand out and that you can do by innovating on your process and by creating a package our process that really stands out compared to everybody else in your industry. So if you are looking for health and doing this, I talk a lot about productized services and I have a free mini course. I'm going to drop the link in the comments in a second. It's called Tenex profits with better packages and it locks you through. It's a six part mini course that walks you through how to create structure and packages that stand out and that are productized is basically profitable for you to offer valuable for your clients and Super Fun for you to do.

So it's a really interesting and it's very amusing. Many courses if I can say so myself, because there are lots of jokes and I make a lot of jokes, a lot of fun. So I'm going to drop the link in the comments, but that should be a really quick refresher around how to really create the process for a differentiated brand because that's one of the most important things you do when your branding your business. So I hope this video gave you a really quick insight on how to think about branding for a service based business. If there is anything I can help you feel free to pm me. Um, and if you are thinking of building a service based business, a brand bme, I would love to give you a little bit more tips and tricks around how to think about your branding process. But if not, I'm going to go ahead and drop in the, the to the mini course in the comments and you can go check it out.

And we'll give you a really quick overview. Over six days of very fun emails about how you can think about your service based business and how you can build packages that are standard and help you charge more and you know, take advantage of doing what you truly love, which is most important thing and that's the kind of point of all of it. So I hope you have a lovely Monday wherever you are. I'm going to go out and look at these gorgeous large. By the way, I just decided to add them to the background today because I bought them fresh and they looking so lovely. They're a little bit outside of my cameras range, but so pretty. This elevated you guys. I'm going to hop off and I'll cc.

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