How to sell LOADS of packages without being icky


Hey guys, happy Wednesday. I hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are. If I am looking a little bit sick because I am, I have a little bit of a headache going on and I don't know why because I don't usually get headaches but that's not going to stop this facebook live expressed which is going to go on for 30 days at least. So you know, I am and I'm here to riff about sales. So I recently had a couple of experiences, actually. One is very recent and one is, was sometime last year and it kind of gave me a lot of perspective on or it gave me a lot of, it puts sales back on my mind recently when I had this icky sales experience and I wanted to hop on here and talk about it because I feel like still in 2018 in business, there are some people who are using some breathing it, really sleazy, disgusting sale strategies.

It's got to stop. It's really, really fucking got to stop. Um, but also I wanted to share what my processes around sales and what I love and why sales is my favorite, the favorite part of my job. Um, so let's go. So recently. Oh, I'm so sorry. I just realized I didn't shut the window in my office. So anyway, you might hear some typing in the background but no big deal. Um, so, uh, yeah, so recently I was a new salon. I got my nails done, which for all the dudes who are watching this is us, this is a fun experience, but in all these kind of it, it comes with some amount of sleazy selling. Okay. So, uh, it recently I was getting my nails done from the salon, which is one of the most fanciest malls in Singapore. It's an, it's an orchard and it's really, really expensive real estate.

So one of my friends had actually given me a pass to get to trial sessions there, which was like deeply discounted. So I went there and I had my second session, they excuse me. So I had my second section and the first session was great. Like I was in a really good mood and they were like trying to sell me all sorts of things, like, oh, you know, do you want me to throw some salt in your foot rub and blah blah blah, whatever. And so I got my mani and my pedi done. So I was like, yeah, whatever. So they basically ended up charging me a whole lot of extras, which is fine. Uh, and then I had my second session, which was last weekend I think. And during that session, this lady, ummm kind of realized that was the end of my trial sessions and that I would have to basically, she would have to up sell me into a full like fully paid offer or whatever.

Right. And boy, she went hard. She went absolutely hard and I was just not in a mood to buy. So basically it was like a $500 package for 10 sessions and I was just like, it was just one of those days I was feeling a little bit under the weather last week as well. So I wasn't really in the mood to buy a $500 package. I was like, yeah, okay, I'll think about it, like whatever. I was like, yeah, I'll come back. I'll think about it and she just would not take no for an answer. So she just kept going and going and going. She was like, okay, if you don't want to buy 10 sessions, how many sessions do you want to buy? And honestly I didn't buy, want to buy a 10 session package because I'm planning to travel a lot more over the summer, so.

And you kind of get these sessions done once every month, like a gel manicure. So it happens once every month. So I found doing that for one month, take me forever to finish these 10 sessions or I had like 10 months. I'm not even going to be instant for most, for most of those 10 months I'm not even going to be in Singapore. So it just didn't make sense. I was like, no dude, it doesn't make sense I plan to travel a lot more this summer. I don't know if I want to book something like that. And she was like, okay, let's book three sessions. And I was like, well no, I don't want to. And then she'd already started in that kind of like sleaze train and then it got worse and then it got worse because this girl who was basically like the girl who was doing my nails and she probably gets a commission for selling this, she just started downright begging me, literally downright right begging me.

Like going like, oh, come on, please support the police, support me, help me out, help me out. And just like really sleazy, disgusting to lot like, you know, like literally I want to emotionally guilty you or like you know, whatever I want, I want to guilt trip you into giving me money. And that was her that a train of thought and she kept going and after a little while, after five minutes, the pedicure lady joins in as well. So it's the Medicare lady, I'm the pedicure lady going at me together. Like these book, a three session thing. It's already $150 and that a lot. And at that point like the thing is okay and know if I'm the only person who feels this way. But I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments when someone goes really hard, like trying to convince me the surgeon direction.

I'm just like, now it's my life's mission to not let you convince me and I don't know. I'm the only person who feels the same abuse common for those who feel the same way. So I just like for me, when she started going crazy on me as she started reading, like practically begging me to book this thing, my, my, um, you know, reaction to the situation was just like, it's my life sold motto to resonate to you. Like that's, that's it. Like that's why I'm living right now. That is the accomplishment of the day. It's my life soul motto to exist you. And it was not about $150, right? Like easily. Yeah, of course I could have paid 150 bucks to do book, a three session thing. They can be an ib in Singapore three months maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'll come back, whatever. Right? It wouldn't have mattered.

One hundred, $150 was not the point. The the fact that I had a shitty sales experience there twice, like the first time they went really hard selling all these extras to me and I was in a good mood and I was like, yeah, fuck it. Like I just paid like twice as much as the original voucher cost for getting all these extras, which I definitely don't need, but I wasn't a good morning. I'm happy to spend because the thing is like the thing that this lady completely got wrong was you got to beg someone into wanting to be your customer. You can't beg someone into wanting to be a customer. You print ride that train. You can't because okay, I understand the power differential and I'm meeting that art. Maybe it's in this Asian context, a power differential, not there. It's like people want to see our full reality when they go to get their nails done, especially in a place which is like super fancy but are.

Maybe I'm the only one who felt this way in that situation, but just having a really icky sales experience was like. Until that point I really liked them and by the way, I really liked them because uh, when you first arrived they give you dark chocolate and green tea, which is both like my Kryptonite in life. So I was like, he was so happy that they gave me dark chocolate and I would have 100 percent signed up if they had not gone on this extremely lazy journey or they're just given me more levy and been like, hey, you know what, like we really love working with you and you were awesome. So here's the voucher, like if you want to avail the same price in the next week or so, if you change your mind, just give us a call and like, you know, just come by and we'll fix something up for you.

Or they'll be like, here's like a one month thing, like thinking about it for one month if you want to join. Like John didn't give you the same offer one month from now, hey danny, if they hadn't done this for me, I would have been short, incredibly happy to be their customer. Right? But instead they went completely. On a different tangent and they were trying to guilt trip me and begged me into submission, which just ops Eugene did not work. Um, so this wasn't the one end of the spectrum, right? This is one end of the spectrum where you kind of feel like what the fuck is going on the other end of the spectrum, but just the sales experience. I had about a couple of a year and a half dot. You're not at your house, something like that. But I was talking to someone who's built one of these companies that builds funnels and they teach you how to build funnels.

I don't want him to think the name, but you guys probably have seen these people. Okay. To teach you how to build sales funnels, webinar sales funnel. So you can use webinars to convert traffic continuously, uh, on your website and stuff. And I got on a call with them on like a discovery call with them. And the guy who was there like, wow. It was the most sleazy sales experience with my life like that. I think that was even more of a sleazy sales experience than this whole vegging situation that I was just a part of. Sure. What ended up happening was this guy asked me all those really typical like, um, you know, high pressure sales techniques that you've probably heard of, which is like, why is it important for your business to make $20,000 a month? Like those kinds of questions. And you were just like, bitch, why the fuck would it be important for me to make ready to go back because I want to make it like you don't because I wouldn't buy nice things.

Like it's as simple as that. There's no other like deep meaningful reason. Like, oh yeah, my mom will never be proud of me if I don't make $1,000. Like it's of course it's, I think that dramatic. It's just I wouldn't buy the good children in. It's like that's why I want to make $20,000. Right? So there were all these really bullshit questions were just supposed to lead you down that emotional bath where you're ready to make the sale. And towards the end of the call, um, he, I was like, okay, so what is that amount that he wanted me to invest? And he does $10,000 and it was one of those things like $10,000 to the signup right now it's notice beside him tomorrow. I was like, what? The price goes up like 30 percent just like in one day, like I don't understand what this is, which I don't, I really don't understand either why it wouldn't be like that.

I get it. It's a high pressure sales thing, but it's not something I would see. I would predict that it will work. But anyway, so there was a $10,000, he was like $10,000 and I was like I don't, I'm not sure if I want to invest that right now. And I was like, do you have any payments options? And he's like, nope, not really. We just accepted and thousand dollars upfront. There are no payment options. Like there's no payment plans. I was like okay, it's where there are no payment plans. And I was like, well, you know, video really? I was at that point, I was really not willing to invest that much and I, I did not actually have the ability to invest that much from my business finances. Obviously I'm not a big believer in putting out money from my personal finances to fund by business for extended periods of time and I kind of felt like, you know, at that point in my life, $10,000 for it.

That was a big amount of money and they had not yet convinced me of their credibility, right. Like I just literally had just gone through their funnel, sign up for a thing, a four hour session with them and got on the call. So I have no idea who these people were more annoying part for me that I actually did not get on the call with the people who are on the webinar hosting the Webinar. I got on a call with their sales guy and obviously for the sales guy, he's like, you're a fucking number. Right? Like he just already wanted work. Give me your money and fuck off. Like that was his life. And obviously that's not a good vibe at all on a sales call. So what ended up happening was we were having this discussion and this guy just kept pushing, like, and kind of going get going down into that kind of route where it's like making you feel bad to buy from you, uh, or to make you buy from them, that kind of thing.

And he really started going down that route and I told him like, look, I'm not comfortable like paying $10,000 to someone. I literally just got introduced to it. I just got introduced to you and I don't have the ability to pay either right now. So I guess it's not going to work out. And I was like, well, if you don't have payment options then I don't know how this is going to work at. And this was a while back, this was I guess about 18 months or so. And at that point this guy goes, oh, well of course we can get creative with it. And I said, what do you mean we can get creative with it? And he's like, uh, do you have access to some kind of fancy word? But um, he, he was like, do you have access to something but we should keep basically meant go to the bank and get a loan, not a line of credit.

Like he used a different word which is equally fancy and I was like, I don't understand what he means. And he was like, do you have a, like if you have access to credit or whatever. And I was just like, what, what is that supposed to mean? And he was just like, oh, like, you know, if you were really serious about signing up, you can just go get a bank loan from a bank and use the loan to pay for this. And I was like, oh, hold on, hold on. So you want me to go get a loan to pay someone? I met on the Internet less than 48 hours back and he wanted me to give you all of that money too. And, and plus battery. Oh, I remember day. What was good about this? God, I wouldn't even know how this thing works.

I was like, okay, so I'm paying you $10,000 to an eight week program. That's what you're telling me. So how does it work? So what's going to happen starting week one, what happens in week one, week two, week three, week four, I want to know the entire thing and this guy said, I won't tell you. And it's like, why can't you tell me? And he's like, no. It's like you don't want you sign up, you will, you will find out what's going to happen. I would say when, why would I sign up if I didn't know what was gonna happen and this guy just refused to tell me like even until the end of the call, he did not tell me what happens starting week one. I was like, what happens if every week? And he's like, I thought I can't divulge that information. And for me that was the biggest kind of like daybreaker because at that point, obviously if someone is not even willing to tell you what's going to happen in the next eight weeks, why would you trust them with $10,000?

Right? Like why would I trust them with such a big investment when they wouldn't even be transparent about what they do and the lack of transparency and the fact that they were telling me, Oh, just go get a bank loan to do it and just do it with a straight face and like no fucks given and have zero flexibility on their end. Just kind of made me realize that this, this was like the ultimate scammy sale I have ever had. And throughout the whole process he made me feel so bad about myself. Like he kind of had these techniques around like making me feel like, oh, the fact that you're not willing to invest in your business means like, you know, you're not really serious business owner or you're not really serious about this. You aren't really going to go farther in life. You're not going to go far in your business because you're not in religion.

Last $10,000 with us. And it was just the most uncomfortable, icky, gross sales experience I have ever had in my life. And I'm not even kidding. When I got off the phone I was crying and I was like, Holy Shit. Like it really got into my life. I was like that. I was just like deeply disgusted and it did by the way, this guy was treating his customers and. But I been looking back. It makes sense, right? He's a sales guy. He looks in commission. He does not give a shit about the reputation of the company. And I've heard other people having similarly horrible experience has been those guy and this company. And I was like, oh, so it wasn't just me and there were all these women who has heard off of time, he'll be like, what the fuck are these people doing? And it was just like such a masculine way of selling, I guess, which has been historically the most effective way.

Or it's um, some old white dude sitting in some office suggested that this was the best way for people to make sales. And that's what these people are doing now day in and day out. And it's just absolutely appalling for people like we're fucking giving in 2018 that you just still. So like this, like, yeah, I don't know who this works on, but definitely for sure it did not work on me. So that was rick too horrible to experience, like doing the most horrible experience I've ever had in my life. Um, which kind of made me realize that that is just not the way to sell. Like I didn't know who teaching these bullshit techniques, but that's just absolutely not the way to sell it, right? So not only to share my way of selling and why I love selling. So I absolutely love sales and not in the way of like, Oh hey, let's bring in money.

Not from that kind of way, but just in the way of. It's such an amazing opportunity to build a genuine connection with someone. Think literally everyone I have recently had a sales call with and everybody who's decided to work with me, which the person can just pretty high close rate is pretty high. But the amazing thing is that all these people that I get to work with are incredible people who genuinely like me and who I like and my source. Right. So that's the amazing part, guys, like this is the thing that was missing from both those sales, which was a genuine connection feeling that this person actually cares about you, not just going through some bullshit questionnaire about like, why is it important for you to make a, you know, x amount of dollars by the end of the year. That's just superficial bullshit way off getting people in that emotional space of buying, but actually getting to the meat of what drives them as a person.

Like every time I get on a call with someone, then I want to know what their dreams are made of. I want to know who's like, how it's gonna impact their family. I want to know what that. What really makes them want to jump out of bed every morning. I want to deeply, genuinely connect with someone and make them feel like they. I understand them because I do like all the clients that I get the opportunity to work with are amazing individuals who are doing amazing work in the world. There's so much value to give and if so much there's such big hearts, they're here to do amazing work and they're here just shared their here to expand to that next level of what's possible in their business and when you really connected to the soul and heart of your customer, the sales come and it's just so effortless.

It's not like you're even thinking about it because most of the time, but by the time we're reaching the end of the sales call, my customers usually go like, oh my God, do I have you been all my life? Like I had been looking for someone just like you. I've been looking for someone and I've been thinking about like, wouldn't it be so nice if I could work with someone just like you and the positive it. I'm so happy to. How do I pay? How do I get started? I'm ready to go immediately and the sign on living like if not immediately within 24 hours and be ready to get started. Right. The one thing like really genuinely connecting with your customers and understanding them on a deep level and then providing them the service for what is missing in their lives. That is the secret to an effortless sale.

There's no other rocket science. Not all these manipulative techniques, all this like persuasion switches in your head or whatever you can. Of course you can use them. Of course there are so many good persuasion techniques out there and it's good to learn them and good to have them in their arsenal and had them in the back of your head. But guys, what? What happens to like a genuine human connection that is enjoyable? What happened to a genuine human mutually beneficial connection that is isn't that is enjoyable and that is profitable and that's trustworthy like that cannot be understated. I don't care what. I don't care what these guys are saying about manipulative selling. I don't care what the success rate is of this woman who had, who thinks that begging people is a good way to make a sale. I don't care how much money they make and how much commission do they make.

It is absolutely fundamentally unacceptable for me to be in the other end of me being at the sale, the salesperson and have an icky sale like that is absolutely unacceptable for me because believe it or not, your sales experience is still a part of your brand. It's still a part of who you are. It's still a part of how you're showing up in the world. So if you are showing up in the world and an incredibly easy way, if you aren't showing up in the world or showing up in your customer's interaction as someone who's just here to like calm them out of their last dollar, the word is spread. You know, like I tell all my friends and never worked with these bullshit blank guys like the guys from the company, Insert name here, company. Um, in my personal life because I'm like these fucking bullshit, right?

Like, I wouldn't, I actually recommend people to not work with these, with this company because they're so incredibly sleazy. And believe it or not, your customers are going to do that. If you, if they have a sleazy sales experience with you. And as a business owner that I just absolutely unacceptable for me. So yeah, like if you are currently using a sales experience, the sleazy sales experience, the stock, because it is going to affect sales in the future. Of course, it'll also affect refferals, right? Like if your customer walks away from this interaction feeling icky or feeling gross or feeling bad about themselves, they're obviously not going to recommend their friends to work with you. You are affecting potential business. Even if you say no, even if a client says no, just I usually used to it. I usually, we usually think about it as not yet or not right now, which means they may have friends who want my services, they may have, you know, um, other projects in the future.

They may change their mind down the road maybe three months from now and be the best time for them to work with me. And I want to make, make sure that all those doors remain open forever just because I want also just because I want them to have a pleasant experience with me and I wanted. I want them to think of me with the best lives possible. So that is what makes the favorite part of my job. I genuinely love connecting with people and I know that when you do that your results improved. The naturally improved because people buy from the ones that they like, you know, people don't buy it because they are pissed off or frustrated or feeling bad about themselves or feeling bad about you. People buy it because they feel like you finally hear that people buy because they feel like they finally found the solution to something they've been looking for, a problem that had been looking to solve for such a long time.

And that is beautiful, right? That is so beautiful. A mutually beneficial relationship. It's just absolutely most beautiful one show. That's kind of my take on it. If you have any questions about how do you make that experience more enjoyable for your clients, comment below and tell me, or if you had any sleazy sales experiences that made you want to punch a laptop or something like that. Tell me about that too, because I'd love to hear it and we can bash them together on the influence because that's what life's about. No, it's not. I'm just kidding. Um, but yeah guys, let's stop this sleazy sales culture right now. Right? Now's a great time. Stop. Sure. And let me know if there's any way I can help. I hope you're having a wonderful day at your end and I will catch you guys soon. The button won't work.

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