And you need to do it: with heart, with confidence, with ease – and without making your clients feel "sold to", pushed or icky.

Even if you're brand new in business.
Even when you’re quoting 5-figure prices.
And especially if your bank account is looking barren AF right now.


Right now you’re probably thinking:

“OMG, I’d rather pull my hair out – one by one –than have a sales conversation with a client.”

“I’m fine with chatting up potential clients – but I just can’t seem to bring up pricing. By the time we get to THAT part of the call – I just freeze up and get Sheldon-Cooper-level awkward.”

“I have had 43 sales calls in the last month – but only 2 converted. That’s just terrible. What am I doing wrong? My prices are not even high.”

“Why do my clients disappear after I send them a proposal? Am I messing up something gloriously on the sales call or is it my proposal? Haalp!”

“Satya – how can you possibly say that selling 5-figure packages can be EASY? Are you kidding me? I haven’t even sold a $3000 package yet! Ever.”

I know it doesn’t feel easy right now, pumpkin – but there’s a way out and I’m here to show it to you.


1) You need to feel good about selling yourself. "Ummm...what? How can I feel good about taking people's money?" If that's what you feel right now - remember, it gets to change. 

Sales gets to feel good. Not sleazy, not high-pressure and definitely NOT awkward. When selling feels really effin' good to you, it feels good and easy and right for your clients too. And those people say YES!

2) You need a battle-tested sales PROCESS. You know the best part about a systematic process? It delivers results – predictably and repeatably. It has all the persuasion elements to move your clients to the “hell yeah”. It’s natural enough to accommodate your client’s unique needs – and it’s not random. It’s designed to take your clients to a place where THEY ask YOU how they can work with you. Imagine that!

3) You need SUPPORT – especially around your mindset. Running a business is NOT easy – and doing it all alone is just plain insane. Heck, even the most successful entrepreneurs you know have been mentored by experts over the years. Once you’ve mastered your mindset around money, sales and your gifts– sales will come faster than you can even imagine.

Really, it’s that simple:
feel-good process + right mindset = dolla’ dolla’ bills.

(Just add prospects - et voila!)


Imagine this..

  • You’ll get on sales call feeling like Beyonce (or Kanye), have fun and STILL close 4-figure or 5-figure deals – easily. (#Goals)

  • You get booked out in advance – with your soulmate clients, at happy prices – so you are not scrambling for clients at the end of every month. (Yeah, seriously.)

  • Your bank account will go from cringe-worthy to happy-dance-inducing – because finally, you’re bringing in more money than ever before. (Amen!)

  • You finally stop accepting poop-y clients (just because they reach out to you) - and start implementing some serious standards, project minimums and boundaries that feel oh-so-so-good in your business. (Imagine having the luxury to turn clients away!)

  • You finally hire staff, get coaches and make serious, next-level investments – so that you can work less, spend more time with your family and still hit all your goals.

  • You're living THE life you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family – whether that’s more travel, a better home or a better school for your lil’ ones. (FYI – I’m writing this sales page from the first class train coach while hurtling from Verona to Rome).

Beyond everything else, imagine having a deep sense of security and certainty around your finances - knowing you can bring in sales any time you want. Especially if you need to pay off a credit card, book a vacation, pay a surprise medical bill or upgrade your home. 


...and showing you the exact, step-by-step sales process I use to have $40,000 CASH weeks in my business. No joke - peek at my Stripe account for yourself.



The instantly effective Sales Bootcamp for freelancers, creatives and service providers who're ready to hop off the #strugglebus, charge higher rates and get more “yes!!” from clients - easily!


…. that takes you through the mindset shifts, practical strategies and exact sales process that helps you get more clients saying “yes, I’m in!” from your sales calls – with more ease, flow and grace than a ballerina on roller-skates.  

I’m revealing the exact sales process that has helped me close $10,000+ copywriting projects over and over again, generate over $50,000 in revenue from a high-end coaching program within 2 weeks (without a sales page, funnel or Facebook Ads) and have $40,000 cash weeks in my business, easily. 


Mod 1.png


Master The Sales-Winning Mindset Practice

Mod2 .png


The Non-Sleazy Sales Call Roadmap (+ Scripts)

Mod 3.png


The Ultimate Objection Tackling Masterclass

Mod 4.png


The Seamless Sales Process (from "hello" to "hell yeah!")

Bon 1.png


The Perfect Packages Training

Bon 2.png


The Energy of Attracting Clients

Bon 3.png


The Art of Extraordinary Client Management

Bon 4.png


The Lead Generation Tutorial


The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp is a self-paced mindset + strategy program - designed to fill-up your calendar with dreamy clients, at handsome prices - without any sleaze, ick-factor or awkwardness.

All the modules + bonuses are available to you - instantly. :) 

What you'll get: 


    • Module 1: The Sales-Winning Mindset Practice (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 2: The Non-Sleazy Sales Call Roadmap (+ Scripts)  (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 3: The Ultimate Objection Handling Masterclass  (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 4: The Seamless Sales Process (valued at USD 497)


    • Bonus 1: The Perfect Packages + Pricing Training (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 2: The Energy of Attracting Clients (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 3: The Art of Extraordinary Client Management (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 4: The Lead Generation Tutorial (valued at USD 497)


    • Follow-up email scripts (valued at USD 197)

    • Word-for-word Sales Call Scripts (AKA what to say and how to say it) (valued at USD 497)

    • Worksheets to implement everything (valued at USD 497)





I dreaded sales and didn’t know how to lead a sales call. This program addressed all of the problems I was facing and made me fall in love with sales.

It has everything you need to uplevel your business. It helps you come from a place of transformation rather than selling. This is the turning point!

I never never knew that I’d love sales so much :)
— Roshni Shaikh

The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp is perfect for you if..

Satya Purna.jpg
  • You’re excited to share your genius with the world – but you cringe at the thought of doing sales calls or talking about money. And you know it’s time that you learned how to enjoy it and how to kill at it!

  • You want to win more clients – but you also want better (read: nicer) clients who are willing to pay premium prices. (I gotcha covered!)

  • You invest in yourself and in upgrading your skills – and you know it’s normal to be a wee bit nervous-excited before you expand into that next level. You’re ready for the next step – and you’re ready to become a master at sales.


Not just “information” – this is mindset, strategy and tactics.

Strategies and tactics (by themselves) don’t work – and neither does passive consumption. If you’re not upgrading your mindset – your strategies won’t take you far. If you’re not implementing the strategies – you may as well just watch Netflix instead of watching this course.

Which is why, I’m giving you the mindset support, high-level strategy and worksheets to tackle the nitty-gritty stuff in this program. Show up, do the work and watch the magic unfold.

I’ll never ask you to be sleazy or pressure your clients. Ever.

If you’ve ever been on a sales call with me, you know that sleazy is NOT my style. Yes, there are other teachers out there who recommend high-pressure sales calls that feel like a clinical process – but I’m not one of them. Not because I’m scared about asking for money – it’s because I know that the high-pressure sales process doesn’t work for me.

I’ll show you how to ask for, talk about and get the money – while making it feel good, flow-y and aligned for both you and your clients. Sound good?

So much more than "just a sales script".

You can find sales scripts if you’re good at Google – but you know that there’s so much more that goes into getting a “yes!” than what’s being said on a sales call. Especially for freelancers and creatives.

I’m covering all the details around price anchoring, showing up like a rockstar expert, following up with clients, handling objections, sending proposals and more – so that you’re never stumped with ANY part of selling ever again.


One of the best pieces of advice I got from Satya was how to get started in a new niche with zero experience - and get testimonials, before and afters and work samples without looking like a newbie or a desperado - GOLD! This is something EVERY freelancer who wants to start specialising but doesn’t think they can NEEDS to know.
— Meqa Smith

Satya’s course, wow. I cant’t even begin to explain how well she breaks down the concepts of running a lucrative solo business. She regularly has 5-figure weeks for her copywriting work and after learning from her for a month, I can see why. With this course, she explains how you can do it too.

For example, week 2 with productized services. Right off that bat, that system will add thousands to my monthly income. Clients go from thinking “do I want to with this person, yes or no?” to “How much am I going to spend?” With her techniques, you immediately start closing more sales.
— David R, Financial Copywriter

So, I just made a surprise sale this morning...via FB messenger to someone I’ve been asking to write for...and plugged in my numbers for the month

Not only have I beaten my take-home from my former $60k a year job, I’ve kicked its ass by 31% this month! That’s an extra $1,000 in my pocket.

To think a few months ago, I wondered if this was even possible...
— Melanie S, Copywriter
I absolutely loved the mindset piece in Satya’s coaching program - and I started seeing results around it right away. I’d recommend her as a coach because she has a wonderful energy, she is genuine, fun and smart AF.
— Jill P, Brand Strategist + Website Copywriter
During BrandQuest - Satya ended up re-working all my packages (all the questions were SO helpful). Now I’m getting booked 6 weeks in advance - even before my website has officially launched. This has never happened before - so I’m just thrilled.
— - Tori C, Web Designer
Satya, I want to thank you - your first email has already made me realise that I’m selling the entirely wrong service. I’m actually in the business of selling “ideas” (and the creativity needed to generate them) - the scripts themselves are secondary! Planning to flip things around and offer packages based on the creativity I can bring to the table, not the scripts I can deliver.
— Adam H, Video Script Writer


Satya Purna 2.jpg

Hi there, I'm Satya - I’m the instructor behind The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp. 

If you're like me - you started your service-based business because you're really good at what you do and you want to create amazing work that ACTUALLY helps your clients. 

Except you quickly realised that it's not enough to be great at your work. For you to be able to bring in more (organic, gluten-free or paleo) dough and create work you’re proud of in the world - you need to know how to SELL yourself and your expertise.

And you need to be able to prove to your clients why you deserve a higher rate - when there are SO many cheaper freelancers out there (whether on Upwork or in your own city).  

In the last few years, I have discovered that having a rock-solid, predictable, tested sales process – is the fastest way to scale to higher profits, better clients and more revenue.

THIS has been the critical skill that helped me jump off the income rollercoaster and start selling $10,000+ copy packages easily. I even used this exact sales process to have the first launch EVER for my coaching program - and bring in $50,400 within 2 weeks – without a sales page, a funnel or Facebook Ad budget!!

The 6-figure Sales Bootcamp is me opening up my kimono and sharing my best mindset practices, strategies + practical steps to help you get more yes-es from your prospects - without any expensive, painful and downright embarrassing sales mistakes I made on my own journey. 

And it's not just "theory" either - I'm giving you an all-access pass to my own templates, best-practices and sales scripts -  so you have everything you need to rock your next sales call, right away.

If you're ready + willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work - I'd be honoured to support you. 

want in? here are your options.

What you'll get: 


    • Module 1: The Sales-Winning Mindset Practice (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 2: The Non-Sleazy Sales Call Roadmap (+ Scripts)  (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 3: The Ultimate Objection Handling Masterclass  (valued at USD 497)

    • Module 4: The Seamless Sales Process (valued at USD 497)


    • Bonus 1: The Perfect Packages + Pricing Training (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 2: The Energy of Attracting Clients (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 3: The Art of Extraordinary Client Management (valued at USD 497)

    • Bonus 4: The Lead Generation Tutorial (valued at USD 497)


    • Follow-up email scripts (valued at USD 197)

    • Word-for-word Sales Call Scripts (AKA what to say and how to say it) (valued at USD 497)

    • Worksheets to implement everything (valued at USD 497)


Pay-in-full : USD 1199  

Payment plan (12 months) : USD 119



Your investment is protected with a 7-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. 

You’ll get instant access to ALL the core modules and bonuses when you sign up. If you're not happy with the program, send us your worksheets and show us that you did the work - and we'll refund you immediately. 


+ I have ZERO talent when it comes to sales – can this course help me?

Good news: there’s no such thing as “talent” when it comes to sales. It’s a skill – and it’s a skill that’s quite easy to learn. Yes, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and try some new things – but if you keep doing sales calls, becoming amazing at sales will become inevitable. You’ll even start having fun on your sales calls – and it’ll become the favorite part of your day. (Imagine that)

+ If I’m a total newbie in my business, can this course help me?

YES! This sales system works – regardless of whether you’re 1 month or 5 years into your business. If you’re just a newbie, learning sales is one of the best time and money investments you can make in your business – because this one skill will help you achieve all your $$$$ goals.

Having 5 years of sales experience is what helped me make $109,000 in my first year as a solopreneur – a milestone that most other freelancers chase for years and years! That’s exactly what I want for you. J

+ What if I buy this course and never use it – like all the other courses?

Look, I get it – you’re busy. So am I. That’s exactly why all the modules, bonuses and worksheets are designed to require minimum time investment. You’re NOT going to get a 40-hour course that never ends – you’re going to get a step-by-step roadmap (with scripts, worksheets and modules) that you can consume within 2 days, so that you can go out there, start booking sales calls and start SELLING. Plus, you’ll learn a skill that’ll help you make money from now until eternity. That’s why this is a bootcamp – I want to teach you everything you need quickly and get you sellin’.

+ How much time do I need for this?

You can easily binge-watch the videos within 1-2 days – or listen to the audios while working out, picking up the kids or doing the dishes. That's why you get instant access - you don't need to wait for the modules to drop over the weeks. 

+ I’m slammed with client work – and I daydream about having fewer, better clients. Will this work for me?

Abso-frickin-lutely. I’m all about streamlining, productizing and getting better clients. This sales system is designed to help you charge more, win better clients and get a pre-booked waitlist in place – so that you can be picker about your clients going forward and never feel desperate for cash, ever again.

+ Will this work for coaching packages AND consulting projects?

Yes, it does. I’ve used this exact process to win both high-ticket coaching clients (valued at $6000) and juicy AF consulting projects (valued at $10,000+) – so you’re all good.

Whether you are a coach, web designer, business strategist, financial service provider or artist – as long as you’re doing 1:1 sales calls – this system works, because it’s based on the timeless science of buyer psychology and persuasion. The best part? You’ll never feel icky, sleazy or awkward – and neither will your client feel like they’re being “pushed” or “sold to”.

+ What’s your refund policy?

Your investment is protected with a 7-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. If you feel like this course hasn’t delivered on it’s promises –send us your completed worksheets and we’ll refund you the full amount. 

If you choose to apply for the refund, you’ll lose access to all the modules and bonuses, and you won’t be able to attend the live Q&A call with Satya when you choose the pay-in-full option.



"I was struggling with putting together productised packages - because I didn't know what it could look like for a service-based business. 

It's so much easier now that I don't have to do custom proposals (I used to hate them) - and I have a roadmap for sales calls, which has boosted my confidence so much."

- Laura Lopuch | Email Copywriting Ninja