HOW SATYA HELPED DAVID book his first $6K retainer and hit $10K monthS - within 30 days

In this case study, David shares..

  • How he went from booking small, one-off gigs with clients and scrambling to make $5k per month - to FINALLY creating packages that sell themselves

  • Why productized services were the biggest game-changer in his business - that allowed him to book his first ever retainer for $6k per month

  • Why David felt super skeptical before he spoke to me - and what made him invest in The Biz Reboot (despite feeling some serious fear)

  • His biggest mindset shifts from the program - and how it has changed the game for him

  • The strategy that helped him scale his income from $5,000 per month to $10,000 per month - without adding more workload to his calendar.

Wow - I can’t even begin to explain how well Satya breaks down the concepts of running a lucrative solo business.

For example: Productized Services. Right off that bat, that system added thousands to my monthly income.

Clients go from thinking “do I want to with this person, yes or no?” to “How much am I going to spend?”

With her techniques, you immediately start closing more sales.