helping freelancers & consultants bring in the BIG BUCKS - WITHOUT LOSING THEIR mojo.

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Satya Purna

I help freelancers and consultants create profitable, 6-figure businesses FAST - without hustling harder.

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Join me for a free training on how to hit $15,000 - $25,000 months in your one-human, service-based business - without working 16 hour days or serving a bajillion clients.

I'll be revealing the 5 secrets that the top 1% of freelancers, creatives and solopreneurs know - that you probably don't. BTW - one of my students ended up booking a $6,000 monthly retainer - within days of watching this presentation. It's that good!




This is supposed to be the "About Me" section - but I like to do things the unconventional way - so let's talk about you. 

If you're reading this website right now, you're most likely a service-based business owner. (Whether you call yourself a freelancer, solopreneur, coach, creative, author or expert - it's all good.)

And you want it all: better clients, higher rates, the systems to scale, the time to enjoy the good life and freedom to only do what you love.  

You don't just want any average client - you want your soulmate, dream-team clients. 

You are done charging "average" or "above average" rates - you want to 5X or 10X it. So, you can work fewer hours and be seen as the expert you are. 

You're sick and tired of sending proposals that get ignored - you want people to say "heck yeah", right on the call!

You want systems that help clients find YOU - and beg YOU to work with them. 

You want freedom. The freedom to go where you want, buy what you want, work when you want, choose your own adventure and still have a thriving business. 

And you want to make the world a better place while you're at it. My mission in life is to help you do that.

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what clients say 


David Rodeck

"Wow - I can’t even begin to explain how well Satya breaks down the concepts of running a lucrative solo business.

For example: Productized Services. Right off that bat, that system will add thousands to my monthly income.

Clients go from thinking "do I want to with this person, yes or no?" to "How much am I going to spend?"

With her techniques, you immediately start closing more sales."

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Roshni Shaikh

"After taking Satya's trainings, I realised that there's an audience that's willing to work with me! They adore my work, they pay me 100% in advance - and they sign the contract on MY terms. Using her framework, I closed my first deal from just 2 sales calls.

Her trainings are so good - I've watched each one of them several times. I've never done this with any other course!'


Rachel Vant Land

"In just 6 weeks - I have more clarity than I've had in 2 years - along with renewed enthusiasm for my work and a new niche that I'm in LOVE with - in an industry that's highly profitable! That's priceless."


Melanie Sparks

"Within the first month of working with Satya, I beat the pay from my former full-time job by 30% - even after allocating business expenses and taxes.

And I didn't even have to work that much harder - doing the mindset work and allowing it to be easy has helped me a LOT!

I'm so much more confident that if I can increase my income by 30% - I can do anything. $10,000 months are just around the corner!"

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Meqa Smith

I wish I’d worked with Satya 3 years ago.
Even if I didn’t really nail down everything she recommends -
it would have made me another $300k by now (conservatively).


Laura Lopuch

"I was struggling with putting together productised packages - because I didn't know what it could look like for a service-based business.

It's so much easier now that I don't have to do custom proposals (I used to hate them).

I went from earning $11,000 in all of last year - to having my first $10,000 month within 90 days of working with Satya."