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1. Take 3 long deep breaths - breathe deeply, hold it at the top for 4 counts and exhale through your mouth.

2. For 10-15 seconds, hold that limiting idea, story or feeling in your awareness.

3. Imagine a beam of white light coming through the top of your head, making it's way to your heart centre and shining bright all around you.

4. Repeat to yourself out loud: "I accept this belief and I forgive myself on all levels of my being. I release this belief into the Universe. Repeat 3 times. Feel the belief energetically evaporating into the Universe with the white light.

5. Imagine the white light condensing into a ball of bright light at your heart centre. Feel the joy and love radiating inside this ball of light. Pick an affirmation that feels like the emotion you actually want to experience and establish this belief inside the ball of light. Repeat the affirmation 3 times.

(Example affirmation: "Success is my birthright and I'm eternally joyful in my success.")

That's all. Come back, feel the joy and enjoy your life. Your limiting beliefs won't come back to haunt you anymore. Yay!