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Watch this case study to see how Katie went from earning less than $2,000 per month - to charging $7,000 per package - within just weeks.

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Melanie Sparks

Within 30 days, Melanie broke the record for the “highest revenue month” in her business - taking home 31% more dough than her former $60k per year job (after business expenses and taxes!!).

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Rachel Vant Land

"I came into the program already making $100K+. But I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and apathetic.

Every time a client asked to hire me for another project I wanted to slump over in my chair.  I had to fake enthusiasm. I felt guilty because I was successful and therefore I was supposed to be excited about this, right? (I struggled with this for 2 years, btw.)

In just 6 weeks - I have more clarity, renewed enthusiasm and a niche that I'm in LOVE with - in an industry that's highly profitable!"

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David Rodeck

"The Biz Reboot, wow. I can’t even begin to explain how well you breaks down the concepts of running a lucrative solo business. 

Right off that bat, that system will add thousands to my monthly income. Clients go from thinking "do I want to with this person, yes or no?" to "How much am I going to spend?" With your techniques, I immediately started closing more sales."

Update: David had his first $10k month - before the program officially ended.

Watch - Case STUDY:

Laura dramatically increased her rates, created new offerings and finally has the confidence to sell her packages with clarity and conviction on her sales calls with clients. She shares more about how the program helped her grow her business here! She had her first $10,000 month within 90 days of the program.


Meqa doubled her (already high) rates and ended up winning a retainer to help train her clients' staff - by positioning (and pricing) herself as an expert. Watch this video to see her break-down the exact mindset shifts that helped her make it happen!

Laura Newcomer

Satya does such a wonderful job at blending that mindset piece into everything, every single component of the course... which is missing from so many courses.

This course is an amazing opportunity to work through your own blocks, level up your mental game, and then combine that with solid strategy that you can use to enhance your business and your life.”

Lisa Mullis

“I now feel really clear about what I’m offering, who it’s for and that’s huge. Because I had really had spent quite a bit of time - even before this program really thinking about that - but it was like finally it all sort of came together during the course of the program. 

The other major thing was some major mindset shifts and major breakthroughs, not just professionally but personally as well.” 

Dawn Pick Benson

My mind has been opened to just how important the idea of mindset is and envisioning your extraordinary life, not only thinking about it but feeling it. Once you envision it then you want to go after it and it looks very different when you feel it versus just thinking about it…

…To be pushed to go to this next level to think about what extraordinary looks like and feel it, really kind of opened my eyes to how I think about my business and my life in a completely different way.”

Katie Tibbetts

“For me in the program was a lot micro-shifts, a lot of small A-ha moments and I’m different because of it. So if you want to invest in your business and in yourself - this is the program for you…

…Once you have Hank, Satya and Nicole in your life - then you are just going to wonder where have they been and how can I keep them here.”


Sarah went from earning $5,000 per month to $15,000 per month after joining The Biz Reboot - and she shares her story about how her business shifted after she got more ease, clarity and certainty through the program. Between Q1 of 2018 and Q1 of 2019 - Sarah ended up doubling her income - despite working for a very specific micro-niche of writing grants for researchers.