• You're taking on every client that's coming your way - even when the project (or just their name in your inbox) makes your stomach churn with dread.

  • You're riding the feast-and-famine rollercoaster hard - but you don't know where your next client is gonna come from.

Your prospects routinely question your prices (or disappear after reading your proposal).

  • You're sick and tired of the never-ending "scope work" and custom proposals that take a bajillion hours - even before a single $ hits your bank account!

  • You've had a couple of really good months - but you don't know how to replicate it. (Kinda seems like a fluke, tbh!)

  • Your bank account is downright depressing - and you wonder if you'll ever "make it" - and be able to have that dream vacation, luxury home or even just be able to send your (imaginary or real) kids to college with your income.

  • You feel grossly over-stretched and under-compensated - and you don't even want to think about your hourly rate, which is actually in the single digits considering your 14-hour days!

  • You're just sick and tired of saying no to all the things you love and enjoy - just because of money!


  • You're raising your rates higher than all your competitors - and still getting more client requests in your inbox than you can handle.

  • You're wildly + completely obsessed with your clients - they're the kinda peeps you'd love to have beers with! 

  • You have a motha-effin' waitlist for the first time ever - that kinda makes you feel like a diva, but also totally awesome - because you finally feel secure about cash-flow!

  • When you take on a project, you know you're doing only the work that you absolutely LOVE - and none of that crap that you do just for the money!

  • You finally have a clear roadmap for growing your business - along with the dough to invest in your A-team (coaches, VAs, designers + more) to help you go to the level. 

  • You have zero uncertainty around money - and you also know how to bring in more clients, quickly + consistently!

  • You're finally able to create the life of your dreams - whether it's to be location-independent, build that home in a farm or contribute to your kid's college fund. 


Everywhere you look, you see everyone talking about "getting more clients" - but you know that's not the solution - because you've been at full capacity before and you still didn't get anywhere close to the kind of revenue you WANT to make. (Think $20,000 per month. The kinda cash that would make you want to strut down the street feelin' like Beyonce...every damn day!)

You see TONS of advice around earning your first $1K freelancing or starting a side hustle - but you're wayyy past that stage. You're trying to find what works to actually SCALE your service-based business,  without launching courses, eBooks or yet another podcast. 

You're DONE feeling like a newbie and being in the "figuring it out" phase - and you want to finally reach that place where you're executing on a strategy and getting real, tangible results!'re ready to do what it takes to create that BIZ + LIFE you were aspiring to when you started - and you're ready to leave the excuses behind. 


Meet The Biz Reboot - dIGITAL course.

The 8-week mindset, strategy + implementation course for freelancers, creatives and service providers who're ready to hop off the struggle bus and command 5-figure contracts like a mofo. 


...that takes you through the actual nuts-n-bolts of building a highly profitable freelance business that you love running - and that's absolutely irresistible to your clients.


WEEK 1: 

Find clients who value you, need you and can afford you - while ensuring that you actually love working with 'em. 

Week 2.png


Create "productized packages" that scale, command the big money and making the buying decision a no-brainer.

Week 3.png


Structure a rock-solid pricing plan that boosts profits, attracts your fav clients + grows as you evolve!

Week 4.png

WEEK 4: 

Implement systems + processes for time management, project deliver, admin, $$$ and more - so you grow faster!

Week 5.png

WEEK 5: 

Create a freelance brand that looks + feels as legit as your actual work - while helping you book more clients!

Week 6.png

WEEK 6: 

Goodbye, income rollercoaster! Hello, drool-worthy leads. Your struggle to stay consistent with marketing finally ends here. 

Week 7.png


Master sales conversations + create systems that take the client from "Hello!" to "Sign me up!"- with zero sleaze.

Week 8.png


Lock down your mindset practice to build a business that blazes new trails - from now until you're old-n-creaky!

Week 9.png


Celebrate your accomplishments, take your gifts to the world and strut your stuff like Cardi B at Coachella!


Melanie had her best revenue month ever in her business in Jun 2018 - taking home 31% more dough than her former $60k per year job (after business expenses and taxes!!).

Update: Melanie had her first $9k month within the first 90 days.



THE BIZ REBOOT - DIGITAL COURSE is structured as an 8-week strategy, mindset + implementation course. This is the most comprehensive online course designed to take freelancers, creatives and service providers from 4-figure months to 5-figure months - within 60 days.

What you'll get: 

This is a digital experience - all your content will be released on a weekly basis and you can execute at your own pace.

  • 8 X Core Trainings

    • 60-min Video Training Module (released weekly)

  • 8 X Speedy-Action Worksheets

  • 8 x Pre-recorded Strategy Q&A calls with Satya (from the last cohort of the live mastermind)

  • 8 x Pre-recorded Mindset Hot-seat Sessions

    • Led by Nicole + Hank - from the last cohort of the live mastermind

    • Nicole + Hank have over a decade of experience as high-performance coaches for C-level executives, politicians and small business owners.

  • Journal prompts + mindset resources

  • High-ticket Sales Scripts + Cheatsheets

    • The sales module is packed-like-sardines with everything you possibly need to close high-ticket deals from premium clients. You’re getting all my secrets to creating $40k revenue months - in a box.

  • Lifetime access to all modules, assignments + bonus trainings

  • Templates, book recommendations + bonus mindset trainings to level up your business quickly!





You've bought all the courses before -but have you finished all of them? Probably not. Because most courses are focused on the "passive consumption" - NOT the mindset + implementation.

  • You’ll get IMPACTFUL 1-hour trainings that help you create massive clarity + monetary progress. You’ll get unstuck faster than you ever thought possible - around packaging, pricing, branding, sales, all of it.

  • You’ll get recorded group mindset coaching and strategy Q&A calls from our previous mastermind cohort (recorded in mid 2018).

  • You’ll get worksheets, templates and resources that help you implement everything QUICKLY.

There’s no fluff here - just what you need to learn quickly, implement like a mofo and take home the (fat) paychecks. Like this $46,000 month I had in my business recently!



Your investment is protected with a 7-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. 

You’ll get instant access to the first module when you sign up. If you're not happy with the program, send us your worksheets and show us that you did the work - and we'll refund your payment immediately. 


Note: these testimonials are from The Biz Reboot (Mastermind) - a premium group mastermind program that builds on this digital course with live 1:1 coaching calls. Please note that The Biz Reboot (Digital) is structured as a DIY course and does NOT include the live calls.

Case Study: Rachel Vant Land

"I came into the program already making $100K+. But I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and apathetic.

Every time a client asked to hire me for another project I wanted to slump over in my chair.  I had to fake enthusiasm. I felt guilty because I was successful and therefore I was supposed to be excited about this, right? (I struggled with this for 2 years, btw.)

In just 6 weeks - I have more clarity, renewed enthusiasm and a niche that I'm in LOVE with - in an industry that's highly profitable!"

Case Study: David Rodeck

"The Biz Reboot, wow. I can’t even begin to explain how well Satya breaks down the concepts of running a lucrative solo business. 

For example - Week 2: Productized Services. Right off that bat, that system will add thousands to my monthly income. Clients go from thinking "do I want to with this person, yes or no?" to "How much am I going to spend?" With her techniques, you immediately start closing more sales."

Update: David had his first $10k month in Jul 2018 - before the program officially ended.

Case Study: Melanie Sparks

Conversion Copywriter |

Melanie J Sparks.png

Case Study: Laura Lopuch

Email Copywriting Ninja |

Laura Lopuch.png



Hi there, I'm Satya Purna - the instructor behind The Biz Reboot and the founder of ZAG Studios. 

If you're like me - you started your service-based business because you're really good at what you do and you want to create amazing work that ACTUALLY helps your clients. 

Except you quickly realised that it's not enough to be great at your work. For you to be able to create the income (💰💰) + impact (❤️❤️) you dream of creating - you need to know how to run it like a business. 

And you need to be able to prove to your clients why you deserve a higher rate - when there are SO many cheaper freelancers out there (whether on Upwork or in your own city).  

In the last few years, I have discovered that approaching your 'freelancing' as a business - and building the right packages, pricing, systems and a real brand around it - is the fastest way to scale to higher profits, better clients and more solid, stable growth. THIS is what took me from struggling to make $7,000 per month to making $25,000+ months - easily!

The Biz Reboot is me opening up my kimono and sharing my best strategies, tools + systems to help create similar growth trajectories in your business - without any expensive, painful and downright embarrassing mistakes I made on my own journey.

If you're ready + willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work - I'd be honoured to support you. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.58.27.png


Hank is an internationally recognised facilitator, keynote speaker, consultant, coach and author on the subjects of Business Leadership and Self Mastery. Hank has the ability to engage his audience and create an environment where optimal learning and motivation can take place. His passion for inspiring people with proven content, while having fun at the same time, has set him apart with his clients in over 25 countries in North America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific Region. Hank’s first book “Live on Purpose- Mastery Class ” was personally endorsed by Ken Blanchard, author of the best selling “One Minute Manager”.

download (1).jpeg


Nicole is an International Facilitator, Business Consultant, Coach and Keynote Speaker on the subjects of Leadership Development, Business and Personal Mastery. With an impressive corporate career spanning over 17 years of senior leadership roles, She is no stranger to constant and never ending improvement in challenging and dynamic landscapes having relocated internationally 4 times with her family. Her experience has taught her the importance of connection, humility, adaptability and relatedness; how to develop emotional resilience and adapt strategies to manage the change and get ahead.

case studies

Note: these testimonials are from The Biz Reboot (Mastermind) - a premium group mastermind program that builds on this digital course with live 1:1 coaching calls. Please note that The Biz Reboot (Digital) is structured as a DIY course and does NOT include the live calls.


Laura went from earning $11,000 in all of last YEAR - to having her first $10,000 revenue month. She ended up created new offerings and finally has the confidence to sell her packages with clarity and conviction on her sales calls with clients (AT HIGHER RATES). She shares more about how the program helped her grow her business here! 


Meqa doubled her (already high) rates and ended up winning a retainer to help train her clients' staff - by positioning (and pricing) herself as an expert. Watch this video to see her break-down the exact mindset shifts that helped her make it happen!

Katie Daggett

Katie Daggett

"I’ve made more progress in my business over the past 6 weeks than I have in the past two years! The missing piece for me was mindset. 

You promised that you wouldn’t let me fail, and you've delivered on that promise. I can’t wait to see what my business looks like a year from now!"

Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch

"I was struggling with putting together productised packages - because I didn't know what it could look like for a service-based business. 

It's so much easier now that I don't have to do custom proposals (I used to hate them) - and I have a roadmap for sales calls, which has boosted my confidence so much. I went from $11,000 last year - to a $10,000 MONTH within 90 days. "

Laura Newcomer

“Satya does such a wonderful job at blending that mindset piece into everything, every single component of the course... which is missing from so many courses.

This course is an amazing opportunity to work through your own blocks, level up your mental game, and then combine that with solid strategy that you can use to enhance your business and your life.”

Lisa Mullis

“I now feel really clear about what I’m offering, who it’s for and that’s huge. Because I had really had spent quite a bit of time even before this programme really thinking about that but it was like finally it all sort of came together during the course of the programme. 

The other major thing was some major mindset shifts and major breakthroughs, not just professionally but personally as well.” 


“My mind has been opened to just how important the idea of mindset is and envisioning your extraordinary life, not only thinking about it but feeling it. Once you envision it then you want to go after it and it looks very different when you feel it versus just thing about it…

To be pushed to go to this next level to think about what extraordinary looks like and feel it, really kind of opened my eyes to how I think about my business and my life in a completely different way.”

Katie Tibbetts

“For me in the program was a lot micro-shifts, a lot of small A-ha moments and I’m different because of it. So if you want to invest in your business and in yourself this is THE program…

Once you have Hank, Satya and Nicole in your life - you are just going to wonder where have they been and how can I keep them here.” 


Awesome, but here's what you need to know.

The Biz Reboot (DIY Course) is right for...

  • Freelancers and service providers who have been in business for 1-3+ years - who are currently earning $3000- $7000 per month and aiming to scale to a multi-six-figure-per-year business.

  • People who're willing to get honest about what's not working, execute like a mofo and ask for help when they need it. THIS IS NOT A PASSIVE CONSUMPTION COURSE - you're required to do the work every single week.

  • People who are committed to do what it takes to go to that next level. Growing your business in the long-term is a mindset game - so if you want to just whine your life away or you're looking for pity, this may not be the right course for you.

Ready for the next step? Excellent!


Meqa Smith | Competitive Strategist for SMBs

Meqa Smith | Competitive Strategist for SMBs

Thanks so much for creating the program - it’s awesome. Wish I’d done it 3 years ago, even if I didn’t really nail it, it would have made me another $300k by now (conservatively).

Also - one of the best pieces of advice I got from Satya was how to get started in a new niche with zero experience - and get testimonials, before and afters and work samples without looking like a newbie or a desperado - GOLD! This is something EVERY freelancer who wants to start specialising but doesn’t think they can NEEDS to know."