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GET SATYA ON TAP FOR 60 MINUTES to work on your copy or sales strategy in real time! 

Want copy help?

  • Take your website from "meh" to "whoa" with a big dollop of persuasion principles, a heaping tablespoon of clarity and a sprinkle of seduction + charm. 

  • Perfect all your headlines, tag-lines and openers - so you hook clients by the (eye)balls on every single page. Especially on your opt-in page + free consultation page. 

  • Steal my ^private clients only^ opt-in offer cheat sheet - so your list building results go through the roof (and your clients keep opening, clicking and loving your emails for years to come). 

Don't want copywriting and just want to talk strategy?

Fine by me. I'm happy to coach you on productising your service, finding your perfect clients, doubling your rates, picking your niche or creating a client attraction playbook on our call. (You'll have to pick one or two.)

Prepare your questions and fire away. I'm all yours for 60 power-packed minutes. 

Pssst…take 15% off the full price for Thanksgiving 2018. Hurry!

Pssst…take 15% off the full price for Thanksgiving 2018. Hurry!